Plantae is a 26 volume audio-visual collection which brings together plant life with audio and visual synthesis. Each volume is based around a different species of plant, which is then attached to sensors and whose biometric feedback is incorporated into the audio and visual compositions for that volume.

The audio and visual elements for each composition are performed live with minimal post-production.

The Audio Synthesizer

The audio synthesizer used in this project is a Eurorack format modular synthesizer, with hand-selected modules from various manufacturers. A core component within this project is the use of the Instruo Scion module, which converts sensory data into control voltage, which can then be used to modulate parameters within the synthesis systems.

A full list of equipment used in this project can be found here.

The Video Synthesizer

While the audio synthesizer generates music and sounds, the video synthesizer generates and processes visual signals. This includes input from video cameras aimed at the plants and synthesizers, as well as generated visual elements, such as shapes, textures, and patterns. Most of the visual synthesis equipment is manufactured by LZX Industries.

The Plants

The plants for this project have been choosen with no prior knowledge of how they will react with the synthesis systems. They are selected alphabetically from a curated collection, carefully attached to sensors, and interacted with during performances.

Coming March 2019...